Club Meeting-The Club meets Thursday, February 6, 2003, at 7 PM in the Civil Defense Room at the County Court House. Don't miss our club meetings and informative programs. See also our seo training london

Two Meter Net- The LoCoARC QSO net meets every Tuesday night at 7:30 PM on the 146.625 MHz repeater.

Dues Reminder - The following members annual dues of $20 ($10.00 Senior/Student) are due:

December - AC5MR, KC5OJR, KD5FUP

Remember that when you are three months overdue, you will be dropped from the club roster.  If you cannot attend a meeting, please mail your check, payable to the LoCoARC, to P. O. Box 9291, Columbus, MS 39705.  And we thank you for your support.

Events - Saturday Breakfast - 8 AM Until All the World's Problems are Solved at Hardees on Hwy 45 N

Election of Officers - As you know in February we nominate, March elect, and in April install new officers.  An officer cannot serve for more than two consecutive terms in the same office.  All current officers are serving there first term.  The current officers are:

President - Billy Beard, K5FUR

Vice President - Doug Scallions, KD5FUO

Secretary - Jo Ray, W5BJM

Treasurer - Bob Ray, K5VVA

So have your nominations ready for the club meeting.

Technician License Class - We were expecting about 8-10 people to attend our Technician License class, but 18 showed up, so we were kind of overwhelmed the first night.  We had to move from the court house to the Wilcutt Block fire station for the rest of the classes.  Eventually 15 students completed the course on Thursday, January 23.  The 3 that dropped out, did so the first night because the course was not what they expected.

FCC Exam Session- An FCC exam session was held at the Wilcutt Block fire station on Tuesday January 28.  Fourteen (14) people (12 class members and 2 non-class members) took the Technician exam of which 9 passed and will soon be receiving their license and callsign.  Another exam session was held on January 29 where one person took the General exam and passed.

Make Up Test - There are some people who were not able to test and others who did not pass during the above test sessions. They are interested in trying again.  So we will be having a make up test sometime around the middle of February.  If you know anyone wanting to test have them contact Bob Ray at 241-5342.

Radio Cabinets - Tom Cole, AD5CX, has been storing some radio cabinets for the club for a number of years.  He is trying to do some cleaning and is to the point where if someone doesn't need them soon, he's going to give them the big pitch.  If you need some cabinets give Tom a call SOON at Columbus Lock and Key 329-1457 or home 329-1457.

Editorial - A family membership club fee has been discussed before but never acted upon.  What prompts the thought is the number of spouses and sons in the current Technician class who will be getting their licenses.  Actually, the sons/daughters would qualify for the Student membership rate of $10.00 as do seniors.  The question is do we need a spouse rate, i.e. change the 2 S's to 3 S's,  Seniors, Students, and Spouses or have a family rate or keep our present rate structure.  Looking at the roster we have at least 7 families with 2 or more hams in the family.  In these families there are 7 hams that are not club members.  The other question is would a change in our rate structure result in these 7 hams joining the club?

Words of Wisdom - "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." (Ralph Waldo Emerson)